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  Hey everybody!  I've gotten the official go-ahead from the Sony people to advertise this event, and this is what they've put out for me to release.. Read on for details!:


ATTENTION WASHINGTON DC ZOMBIES!! Join your fellow DC Zombies at an advanced screening ofColumbia Pictures' ZOMBIELAND (Rated R) on Thursday, October 1 at a local movie theater to be announced soon! Admission is FREE but you must dress like a Zombie. To reserve your seats, RSVP by sending an email to zombielanddc@gmail.com with the full name of each guest. You will receive a confirmation email with event details. After the screening, the undead will walk the streets of DC! Stay tuned for news about an accompanying ZOMBIELAND Zombiewalk to be announced VERY SOON! Check out the Zombieland trailer at http://bit.ly/NpLh9.


If you'd like to come, check out the Official Facebook Invite:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137164922182 and RSVP a.s.a.p. if you can, please.  The more people we get for this the better, and I'm hoping that the super-short notice won't ruin this area's chances for getting a really sweet turnout. :)

I'll put the stats of the zombie walk portion together as soon as I get their notice of which theatre we'll be ending at for the screening, and get back to you as soon as that comes to me. :)

Have a good one, all!

Nae (TLM)

"What IS all This???"

If you haven't already visited our community's User Info, you might be (understandably) a little befuddled at the moment. But not to worry! We zombies may be attacking the Nation's Capital in search of brains, human flesh, and equal zombie rights, but we're always eager to gather more folks to our horde, and this place is a great way to do it!

Here you'll find news and information regarding past, present & future DC Zombie Lurches, as well as other fun, zombie-related bits! It's that simple. :)

Anyone and everyone is invited to share what cool zombie-related things they've found w/the community, as well any questions they might have involving upcoming events (as the LurchMistress runs this forum herself, and there are LOTS of helpful, knowledgeable members here), or what suggestions they might have regarding how they'd like the next Zombie Lurch to go. ^_^

So please, join up, get the newest, hottest, most important updates on what's going to happen at the next Lurch, take part in a poll or two to make your moans heard, and get in on the fun! From silly zombie-related videos to cool makeup tips and recipes for fake blood, to event notices of other zombie-esque happenings and lotsm lots more, this is a great site for the Lurch attendee, and any general zombie or horror fan! ^_^

(PLEASE NOTE: We are predominantly a work/kid friendly community; but not always..! Anything chicey -should- be put behind an lj-cut.)

We hope you can come to the Lurch, and that you'll bring your own horde to increase our undead ranks! -After all- THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE!!! ;D:D;D

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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