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The DC Zombie Lurch

We eat more brains before 9am than most people do all day!

Washington DC Zombie Lurch
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Zombies, zombie rights, horror, makeup, costume, George Romero.

Greetings! Welcome to the DC Zombie Lurch LJ Community! :D This November 1st, we're staging a March on Washington that people will never forget! Starting @ 5pm, leaving from just beneath the Washington Monument, a horde of the pseudo-undead will shamble about the unsuspecting streets of our Nation's Capital! Why? Well first off, to help innocent, abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless animals, of course! This year we'll be donating whatever we can to the ASPCA, and you can help! Besides that? Well.. every zombie will likely have their own reasons- but the majority will be; seeking to consume living human flesh, protesting for zombie rights & hunting for nice, juicy BRAINS!!! (I know, "In DC?? ..Good luck there, guys! ;D")

Want to know more? Check out our website, or keep up with Lurch news, updates, info, and other fun stuff by becoming a part of this community. With the help of a little makeup, some old or tattery clothing, a sense of eerie fun and a dash of creativity, anyone can become a part of the horde! Whether you're into theatrical makeup, costuming, horror flicks (b-movies cult, comedy or otherwise), daahhhk stuff, or just dig zombies, we invite you and your family, friends- (whomever you think would enjoy a bit of creepy fun)- to be a part of the first Zombie Walk in DC! :)

This year our LurchRoute is as follows:

First from the Washington Monument to the Judiciary Square Metro Station:

And then to The Piratz Tavern from the Silver Spring Metro Station:
(But we're actually taking the other exit, closer to the Tavern across the tracks.)

Need more info? Z-mail the LurchMistress at renae@renaessance.com, or comment here. :)

But you say you wanna help animals across the country right away? Can't come to the Lurch this year but still want to do something good? Coolness~! You can either click the banner below to donate via PayPal (which will go into our LurchFund and then be added to what's earned at the Lurch), or you can donate directly via the little kitty meter below. :) (Both methods are safe AND secure. :))


Donate to the ASPCA Today!

Every little bit helps, and thank you SO MUCH for your generosity! ^_^

Oh, and CHECK IT OUT!!! We've got a group now on Yahoo!! Join up and get all the latest area zombie-related & Lurch info straight from the source, or learn about other zombie-tastic stuff from fellow zombi-files- or just kibitz about the walking dead!

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Plus, check out this little guy made at Meez- our Lurch Mascot! Wanna help name 'im? Give a comment and tell us your ideas!

The Few and Simple Rules of our Little Lurch Community:
Please keep things on-topic. (I.e. having to do w/zombies, the Lurch, zom-makeup, 'stuming, resources, images, etc.)
Please put images that are non-work safe or that are larger than 400x400 pixels behind an lj-cut.
No flaming, personal attacks, or other non-undead-related ugliness. (Constructive criticism and differing opinions are great- being a s*#thead isn't. We will sic the zombie horde on you if you defy this! ..Or worse yet, you'll be removed from the community.)
Cross-posting is just fine, as long as it's on-topic.
And that's it!

(Please Note: This community was designed to plan for, collaborate & converse about, and otherwise get enthused about the DC area zombie walk and its topic of inspiration; zombies! If you want to attend, share tips about makeup, collect or pass on info, links and the like, share images, reviews, or have anything else to offer on Zombie Walks and the topic of the undead, we'd love to have you! If however, you're just into starting flame wars, spamming, lurkin for other nefarious reasons, or wish to spread intolerance or hate of any kind (i.e. racism, homophobia, etc.) please feel free to keep that to yourself. Better yet, don't bother join, or submit/reply. The only ugliness we wanna see is undead ook, ya hear me?!

Secondly, as long as entries stay on-topic, just about anything is welcome here. So if you prefer not to see gore, blood, and possibly undead nudity, (think Return of the Living Dead- the part w/the nakey punk chick) please police your own actions or those of your children. Thank you.)

That said:

Cheers, and Welcome!
Communty Mod, callingcry